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Dear Dr. Hennessy,

I ask your support for a more sustainable Stanford and its surrounding communities. Stanford’s Searsville Dam, built 120 years ago, no longer serves a critical need – and its reservoir has almost completely silted up. It is a liability in the event of a major earthquake, blocks annual runs of steelhead trout from access to their spawning grounds, and compromises the ecology of the San Francisquito Creek watershed.

Removing this obsolete concrete wall will revive submerged wetlands, help restore threatened steelhead to their ancestral habitat, and provide natural flood protection benefits. The time has come to study various ways to remove this dam – and then choose the best alternative. I urge you and the University to stand firmly behind your promise of a sustainable Stanford, by working collaboratively with watershed stakeholders for removal of Searsville Dam by the most appropriate means. 

Respectfully yours,



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John L. Hennessy

Office of The President

Building 10, Stanford University

Stanford, Ca 94305-2061

Prevent our resource agencies from finalizing Stanford’s flawed and inadequate Habitat Conservation Plan

Demand that our federal wildlife agencies not finalize their Environmental Impact Statement for Stanford’s flawed Habitat Conservation Plan until Stanford corrects numerous inaccuracies and omissions of critical data . Insist that a revised and corrected Habitat Conservation Plan and supplemental draft Environmental Impact Statement be released to the public for a fair and thorough review and comment.

Please send your email to:

Gary Stern, National Marine Fisheries Service- gary.stern@noaa.gov

Sheila Larson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- Sheila_Larsen@fws.gov

Catherine Palter, Stanford Environmental Planning- cpalter@stanford.edu

John Hennessy, Stanford President- hennessy@stanford.edu

(Please also forward your email to info@BeyondSearsvilleDam.org)

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