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Slam the Dams


Today's excellent NY Times article, in print this Sunday, shows how much public and scientific support there is to remove dams much larger and more complicated than Searsville.

The author does a great job of explaining what is so counter intuitive to many; that removing a dam (and the massive evaporation pond behind it) actually results in more water for people and the river. With climate change making this reservoir evaporation reality even worst, removing dams is a critically important climate change and water resiliency solution.

" what is perhaps the most egregious failure for a system intended to conserve water, many [dams] lose hundreds of billions of gallons of precious water each year to evaporation... These losses...may now be making the West’s water crisis worse."

"today, there are signs that the promise of this great dam and others has run its course."


American Rivers names San Francisquito Creek

one of the nation’s Most Endangered Rivers;

Searsville Dam to Blame

Read the announcement here

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“We are committed to working collaboratively with Stanford and others to address the challenges of Searsville Dam in a manner that benefits endangered species, watershed health, and improves flood protection.”

Matt Stoecker, Director, Beyond Searsville Dam

“Sooner or later Searsville Dam must come down, and the whole San Francisquito Creek watershed can be treated as the ecological treasure that it is.”

Pete McCloskey, former U.S. Congressman, coauthor of the Endangered Species Act, San Francisquito Creek watershed resident and Stanford University School of Law 1953 alumnus. Beyond Searsville Dam Advisory Council.

“Stanford has one of the most important dam-removal and ecosystem-restoration opportunities in the country, and can position itself as a leader in environmental stewardship and make huge progress in achieving its stated goal of being a more sustainable campus. Stanford has got to clean up their own backyard before people will take their sustainability and environmental message seriously. You are what you do, not what you say.”

Yvon Chouinard, owner of Patagonia and Beyond Searsville Dam Advisory Council.

“What happens with Searsville Dam impacts all of us in the San Francisquito Creek watershed, from the mountains to the Bay and beyond. Stanford must collaborate with its neighbors on this dam issue to ensure community safety and watershed health.”

Danna Breen, long-time San Francisquito Creek resident and advocate.


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